The “Dabbing” Epidemic

Smoking Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) extractions, colloquially known as Dabbing, is the newest trend within drug scenes. Though you can smoke or eat various highly concentrated forms of THC that far exceed the concentration of traditional marijuana, Dabbing is not only the strongest form, pure THC, it is also one of the most popular cannabis variants. Ingesting hash oil, shatter, wax, and keef are other ways of taking highly extracted varieties of THC. Addiction is more likely in the extremely potent forms of THC. If you think you are dependent on dabbing, wax, or any other powerful form of cannabis, please call American Drug Testing Centers so we can connect you with the ideal drug rehab center for your situation.

The effects of the drug are naturally more intense and psychologically damaging than smoking marijuana. The side effects are much of the same, but are magnified to polarized extremes.  Anxiety, panic attacks, hallucinations, paranoia, and increases in both blood pressure and heart rate are common side effects. Irregular breathing, blood pressure, and heart rate can even send users to the hospital. In addition, the usual risks of inhaling smoke are prevalent. Since taking highly extracted versions of THC is fairly common, not enough is known about the long-term psychological and physical health effects.

However, the mental side effects of high THC are said to lead to psychosis and extreme forms of paranoia, anxiety, depression, other mental illnesses, and can even lead to suicide. The fact is everyone is different, and until you know how the drug affects you, you are at risk of dangerous side effects if you ingest the highly concentrated THC found in taking dabs or wax. The side effects of schizophrenia and similar disorders are intensified by frequent THC use. If you are experiencing a co-occurring condition like mental illness and THC abuse, please call us today so we can get you started with dual diagnosis treatment at an esteemed addiction recovery facility.

Among the different ways to ingest highly extracted THC are through oil dipped or cooked edibles, through an electronic vaping device, or heated up to extreme temperatures with butane gas. This practice has been known to be the cause of home explosions, as heating up butane gas can be extremely dangerous and flammable. You can also add wax or hash oil to marijuana when smoking for a more intensified high.

Dabs, like traditional marijuana, can be used for medical purposes. Dabbing is said to ease intense pain with its rush of euphoria and pain relief. It is even reported to ease psychological detriment and help with stress and anxiety. Despite the benefits, THC can easily be utilized medically with a less potent form of the drug to ease pain and treat various diseases and disorders.

Marijuana addiction sometimes seems innocuous compared to high profile drugs like heroin or crystal meth, but with highly potent forms of THC readily available, addiction to the drug is much more plausible. Psychological addiction can still have a hold on someone even if the physical effects of withdrawal are negligible. If you or anyone you know is addicted to any form of THC, please contact American Drug Testing Centers and we will connect you to the right addiction treatment center for your situation.

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