Ten Characteristics of a Great Rehab

How Can You Differentiate Between Good and Bad Drug Rehab Centers?
Life is full of stress and chaos. Everyone is different, and each person handles stress their own way. Sometimes people use drugs to cope, which often leads to addiction. When this happens, all hope is not lost. There is help out there at a drug rehab center. But do not settle for just any drug rehab facility. You are beginning the crucial journey of recovery and are in need of effective, successful, and caring treatment. Here are a few signs to look for when choosing the perfect addiction treatment center.

Sign #1: The Success Rate is High
Check to see if there is any data on the percentage of clients who leave the drug rehab facility early, the rate of relapses after clients depart, or the amount of clients who remain sober after leaving treatment.

Sign #2: There is a Highly Credentialed Staff
When a drug rehab clinic is experienced, it is reflected through the staff. The range of expertise and credentials of the staff determines your success in the program.

Sign #3: It Provides Payment Plan Options
Because best addiction recovery centers are costly, it is good to find out if the center offers financial assistance or payment plans, especially if you are not fully covered with insurance.

Sign #4: It is Accredited
A great substance abuse treatment clinic is accredited by the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers or The Joint Commission. When the facility is accredited, regular audits are performed in order to ensure compliance.

Sign #5: It Has an Aftercare Program
After treatment, a great substance addiction facility will offer aftercare services including counseling, job search assistance, and housing placement if necessary.

Sign #6: There is Individualized and Varied Treatment Programs
You will know that the facility is reputable when they offer customized treatment programs.Every person is different, so no two treatment plans should be alike. Are there programs for addiction education? Relapse prevention? Individual and group therapy? 12 step meeting? And recreational therapy? Another good thing to look at is whether or not holistic treatment is offered. Yoga has had success in being an excellent emotional treatment.

Sign #7: It Has a Peaceful Environment
Is the drug rehab clinic modern and well-maintained? Does it offer private rooms and other amenities to cater to the clients’ comfort? If so, then it goes the extra mile.

Sign #8: There is Access to Dual Diagnosis Treatment
Nearly half of all addictions concern a mental disorder. Dual diagnosis treats whatever underlying mental illness before moving on to treated the addiction at hand. This is the only way to fully heal.

Sign #9: Family is Allowed Take Part in The Treatment Process
There isn’t much more important than a client’s family being involved in the recovery process. An esteemed addiction treatment center will provide a program in which the family members are connected with the treatment plan, and will even offer family counseling.

Sign #10: It Offers Nutritional Meals and Exercise
Proper nutrition is key to drug addiction success rates. Eating healthy and exercising frequently are linked to fighting depression and anxiety, which enables the rehab to fight the addiction more effectively.

Finding that excellent addiction treatment facility is essential when it comes to the success in drug addiction recovery. For further assistance with this paramount stage of your life, contact American Drug Testing Centers immediately. Your life is worth committing to recovery.

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